Cascina La Traversa

Barolo DOCG

Type: Red
Category: Dry
Denomination: DOCG

The manor owned by Stefano Farina in La Morra d'Alba lies on hills well exposed to the warm afternoon sunshine, the most suitable for grape ripening. This wine is aged for several years in oak casks of Slavonic origin and has a garnet red or ruby colour, with a violet aroma combined with notes of licorice and light spicy. Velvety, soft taste. The Barolo Stefano Farina has a noble tradition and is considered the "king of wines" amongst Italian wines.

Vine: 100% Nebbiolo of the variety Lampia, Michet and Rose. Perfect to be grown in the area of Barolo municipality and suitable to obtain Barolo. 

Soil: half calcareous, rich in quartz sand of a greyish-white colour, above 170 meters altitude

Harvest: end of October. The grapes are harvested in boxes of 20 Kilograms each.

Yield per hectare: 8 tons of grapes equal to 54 hectoliters of wine.

Wine making process: Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation conducted with innovative techniques and carried out at a controlled temperature.

Evolution/Ageing: one year in stainless steel cisterns, two years in oak casks of Slavonic origin (big barrels, a low percentage in barriques) and finally in bottles (8 months min).

Technical features: Alcohol 14% by volume

Tasting temperature: 18-22 degrees centigrade.

Best served with: Braised meats, cheese with blue-green marbling, red meats and game

For best result, we suggest to uncork bottle and decant wine at least 3-4 hours prior serving.