Masseria La Rosa del Salice - Puglia

Masseria La Rosa Del Salice is the latest addition to the love of wine-making tradition of the Farina family. Located in the heart of Salento, in Salice Salentino, within the province of Lecce, the manor dates back to the 18th century and is set inside a property of 22 hectares, of which 20 hectares are dedicated to vineyards. 

The terrain is very rocky, and vine planting is unique to this area. Such rocks, duly crushed, are then mixed with the earthy soil along with natural additives, leaving a perfect soil for vines.
This location is special in that it lies on the strip of land which links the Adriatic and Ionic Seas, allowing it to benefit from both the two microclimates. 
The prestigious Stefano Farina label wines are born from this unique climate, including the Primitivo del Salento, the Salice Salentino, the Bianco, Rosso and Rosato Della Rosa Del Salice ,all which bear the Rosa Del Salice logo.




Masseria La Rosa del Salice - Strada prov. Salice/Avetrana Contrada Masseria Filippi - Salice Salentino (Lecce)