The Family

Stefano Farina began his activity as a young man selling wine in the Osteria he ran with his wife, Giovanna. Soon, wine and winemaking became his true passion. In the mid 1930's, he began trading and, although he would later expand his interests to the steel industry, in 1941 he opened "Vinicola Stefano Farina". He had his three sons, Bruno, Giancarlo and Luigi (Gino), promise never to abandon what he loved the most, viticulture and wine. Soon after that, Giancarlo left for Alba to study winemaking in one of the most famous institutes of Italy, in order to pursue the activity that was so dear to his father.
Today, the activity continues, thanks to Stefano's grandchildren, and the business can boast a number of wine cellars and vineyards in the most prestigious areas of wine production: Piedmont, Tuscany and Puglia.